Monday, January 12, 2009

root canal...

I survived my first trip to the dentist here in Russia. Everything was clean, the equipment is all state of the art, and my dentist was young enough to be my daughter!

She started a root canal today in the tooth that I lost my filling in. I was grateful that it was completely painless! I have two more appointments to finish off that procedure then she will redo my fillings on the other side of my mouth.

The xray machine was interesting. I stood up, bit on a freshly covered dental grip, while the machine whirled around my head taking pictures. By the time I walked back upstairs the dentist had my teeth displayed on her computer screen. I was able to clearly see all of the things she suggested needed to be worked on.

And yes, Russian dentists, just like those in America, will also ask you questions when they have your mouth wide open and filled with instruments!


  1. lol, well I am so glad you had such a successful and modern, yet entertaining experience! When my dad was in Czech Republic years ago for business, he had all of his teeth pulled and implants done for just a few hundred dollars!! He loved them after having lived with plates and bridges for most of his adult life.

  2. I hate the dentist , so I am glad its been going so well for you. Nicki had to have oral surgery while we were on vacation at Disney a few years back. The hospital we ended up at used the same machine. Now its the machine of choice for dentist here.