Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gray Goose in Russia Cafe

Tom and I went out with Katya and Alexei on Valentine's Day to this new restaurant here in Krasnodar.

Gray Goose in Russia Cafe is the newest link in the chain of eating establishments owned and operated by Madyar.

The food met all of my expectations!! Pan-Asian cuisine is one of my favorites and the menu did not disappoint. There is a wide variety of choices on the menu, from sushi to salads and beyond.

Katya and I had the duck with cranberry sauce, served with poached pears and rice. The presentation of the food was definitely appealing to the eyes. Now normally, I would be able to tell you what everyone else ate as well but my plate had my entire attention! I kinda remember that tempura shrimp was ordered by Tom along with a shrimp ceasar salad. The wait staff was kind, attentive and very efficient.

We learned from experience last year on Valentine's Day that we needed reservations to get in on a holiday. Not wanting to get that "of course you need reservations look" it was decided that asking for a table ahead of time was a must. Katya ran into a bit of 'snootyness' when making the reservation. She asked if we could reserve a table and was immediately told no. Katya, unimpressed with this young lady's attitude, quickly responded with:
"young woman, you didn't even ask me what time!"
Hostess: "fine, what time?
Katya: "2 pm"
Hostess: "let me check"
Katya told me that 'a half an hour later' she was begrudgingly informed that we could have a table for four... But, ONLY on the first floor.

So we got in the cool new restaurant, ate the yummy food, and left the place wondering about what is going on up on second floor!!


  1. I, too, love Grey Goose. Who knew Krasnodar would be exploding with so many new restaurants.

    Keep an eye open for my business partners' new restaurant (on Krasnaya) called Grillyazh Steakbar.

    I just translated the english menu (with help from my assistant of course). Grilled tenderloin steak served on a wooden cutting board, grilled portk, fish, and chicken with 12 special dipping sauces. Expected open around March 1st.

    Also, give Party Song (in the old Strike Calcutta space) a try. It's a new karaoke restaurant. Lots of fun with a big group.

    PS: The 2nd floor of Grey Goose, I've been told, opens up to a dance floor after 11pm.

    Ochin Vkushna!!!

  2. Tim, thanks for info on the other new restaurants... we are always in the mood for good food!!