Thursday, February 26, 2009

A MOPS Morning

Today we shared our entire time with the children. After singing a few action songs, led by Alyona, we had tea together and then dove into our craft time.

We made cards for International Women's Day, March 8th. If you are not familiar with that holiday you can read about it here:

It was a treat to see kids and moms spending time together. After craft time we watched a short video of a cooking show with recipes specific for a Women's Day dinner.

We had 5 moms, 4 kids and one childcare worker with us. One of the moms, who was with us for the second time today, is from the neighborhood and does not actively attend a church. However, our MOPS mornings are a perfect fit for her... she was the first mom to arrive!!

Today a group of us are going over to visit one of our moms who just gave birth to her second child. Families or friends of the patients normally provide all of the food for the person in the hospital... so we are meeting over at the market to decide what food to take to her. I always feel bad when going to visit a new mom here. We will not be allowed up on the floor with her. She will have to come down from whatever floor she is on to see us!


  1. I am so sad that I missed the meeting! This sounds like so much fun! Thankfully I am grasping the genitive case though, so next time I'll be there, and able communicate perhaps with semi-improved grammar!

  2. Ashley it was a fun morning!! When it gets warmer we plan on doing a family picnic and inviting the dads... that should be fun too!

  3. I love seeing your MOPS photos. Would love to be able to do something like this one day.