Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Last night the steering committee for our MOPS group went out to the ballet. Joy & her daughter Hannah, Lena & her daughter Ruth, Alyona & her daughter Dianna, Alla & her daughter Mia and me!! If Zhenya had been here in town I would not have been the only 'boy' mom there... but she is in America so I had to fend for myself among all the girls!

It was our coordinator Alla's birthday... she turned 28. Her saying her age didn't really phase me. It was when she said that she was born in 1981 that I realized how much older I am than her. I graduated highschool and got married in 1981!!

We had a great time and the girls, ages 4-11, were extremely well behaved all evening long!!

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  1. That looks like it was such fun! I have to admit...I'm one of those 1981'ers too. :) The sad part? We feel like we are getting old too.