Monday, March 16, 2009

one of us is back in Krasnodar!

I spent Friday and Saturday on the train from Kiev to Krasnodar. I am so happy to be able to say it was a completely uneventful ride! It was my first time traveling that route alone. But, like Spencer said if he could do it at 18 then I could handle it at 45!

Tom left Krasnodar as I was returning home. He sent me a text message from the airport... I had just hopped into a taxi leaving the train station. He went from Krasnodar to Moscow and then got stuck. He had a problem with his ticket and was not able to take his orginal flight to Yakutsk, (click here to read about this city) affectionately known as the coldest city on earth!

Tom was able to get a ticket for today and should arrive there early tomorrow morning. He sent me a text message as he was waiting to board the plane so that is the most current info available on him! Stay tuned!

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