Tuesday, May 26, 2009

picnic in the forest

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Saturday we went to Afips with our friends Valera and Lyudmila and their childhood friends. This was the same group we spent Russian Christmas with on the 7th of January. As they were planning this trip for Lyudmila’s birthday one of their friends asked “are the Americans coming?!”

Laughing, joking and enjoying the great outdoors with this group was truly a pleasure. They have been friends for most of their lives so being included was honor for us as well.

Normally only meat is cooked on the grill and called “shashlik” but Lyudmila forgot to bring the meat so we stopped at a supermarket on the way and the only thing left was chicken. The grilled chicken was new for all of them so one of the rounds of toasting was to Lyudmila forgetting the beef and having to stop and pick up the chicken!!

Oh and in the final photo that is Raiya giving Zoya a haircut... she did Tatiana's hair as well and as soon as she was done and we moved away from the area a couple of birds scooped up all the hair for nest making!!

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  1. You sure have been busy lately (as if I could talk...LOL). I love seeing all of the pics. You have shown me the country in a new light. Thanks for sharing.