Tuesday, May 05, 2009

they rolled out the red carpet...

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Not knowing how long it would take for us to find the Sports Palace we left our apartment early to be on time for registration. We got there 15 minutes later which made us 40 minutes early. When we arrived we saw them literally rolling out the red carpet!

We left to see the sights around the Sports Palace returning later to find male volunteers there to welcome us to the conference with applause and cheers. There was also a cameraman there to film everyone when we came in!!

All I can show you of the conference itself is the last photo posted. No photos are allowed during the conference. The slide says "welcome... the heavens believe in you"

Most of the speakers are preaching in English and then being translated into Russian. But sometimes I had to wait for the Russian translation to understand the idiom that had just been used. Cuz, I don't speak Australian!!

Today was a long day and now we are off to bed... gotta get an early start in the morning!


  1. Anonymous4:37 AM

    So, who was the Australian???

  2. Bobbie Houston from Hillsongs in Australia, she just used some idioms that I was not familiar with!

  3. AussieMaz8:45 AM

    Oh, I just read this and noticed my name didn't appear on my previous comment/question. It was me!! (Now to make sure my name gets on this comment...Maz, Maz, Maz)