Thursday, June 11, 2009

Armenian Concert

Last night one of my Business English students, Emma, took me along to a concert featuring Armenian Patriotic songs. The featured singer was Sahak Sahakyan. He introduced each song in the Armenian language and sang in Armenian the entire concert.

Poor Emma was stuck between me and three young Armenian girls and spent the entire concert translating for us all!! She started off translating for me in English and then she switched to Russian which was easier for her and worked well for all of us who were dependent on her to know what was going on!!

Most of his songs were dedicated to the Armenian genocide and wars that Armenia has fought in. You can click here to learn more about the genocide.

or you can watch a clip of Sahak Sahakyan here:

The highlight of the evening for me was the young dance troupe featured from Krasnodar. Their singer was energetic and their dancing and costumes were fantastic!

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I felt fortunate to be included in this evening! Emma was originally asked to bring 20 Armenians to the concert... but, she told me that she didn't know 20 who were not already planning to go!! As the token American I can honestly say that I felt extremely comfortable with the Armenian crowd.
The organizer of the concert, Vavara, personally thanked me for coming and encouraged me to learn more about the history and the problems currently facing Armenians. It was truly a memorable night!

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