Saturday, June 27, 2009

sisters in Spirit

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These three ladies were in the compartments along the side of the wall near us on the train. Tom helped them with getting their mattresses down from the storage racks. One of the ladies told the other ones to say 'zhank you, sir' and they each followed her advice!

She took the opportunity to practice her English... telling me it had been 20 years since she studied the language in University. My favorite line from her was when she was witnessing to me. She told me that she and her companions were sisters and then clarified how they were sisters... meaning in Christ. She proudly told me "We are Christmas!" then she thought for a second and asked if that was right. I told her the word was Christian. She gave me some literature and told me about the conference they had attended over the weekend.

I truly admired her boldness... she was so intent in her desire to share about her spirituality and what she had experienced over the weekend that she was brave enough to do it in a second language. What an encouragement and model of humility!


  1. Thanks for sharing that story, Alida.

  2. Tanya,
    Thanks for letting me know that you appreciate it!! I am always glad to know that someone is reading!