Friday, June 26, 2009

Traveling Platskart

The train between Kiev and Krasnodar runs every other day. Because there were no lower berths available in the private compartments we were faced with having to buy two lower berths in a car with open compartments. This is known as the “platskart” section of the train.

Our space had a table in between two long benches...

The mattresses are stored up above when not in use. The pillow is tucked inside the mattress. You are responsible to make up your on bed and then take it all down before you get off the train. You will most likely be asked to give your sheets to the conductor about an hour before your stop.

Our compartment was about in the middle of the train car.

The sleeping berths that run along the side wall of the train look like this... however the little table you see folds down and becomes part of the bench that you can place a mattress on and make into a bed

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  1. Wow. And do you sleep out there in the open? Or do you have a hard time sleeping given the lack of a locked door and all?

  2. Yep, we slept out there in the open. I was nervous at first but the need for sleep soon takes over!

    Oh and our belongings were all safely tucked away in the storage bins underneath the benches that we slept on.