Friday, July 10, 2009

Reality check

For the most part I am a very optimistic and easy going person.  I look for the beauty everywhere I go.  I look for the similarities between me and the person in front of me.  I always assume the best about the other person and look for the lesson in each situation I face. 

These past few weeks have been very busy for us with counseling.  Tom is the psychologist and I am his translator.  It has been eye opening to become a part of Tom's professional life.  We had not worked together since our days at Dad's video store back in Kansas.  

I have a great deal of respect for what Tom does.  I used to envy him going off into the workforce each day and being with people while I was busy at home with little ones.  Now, I see the reality.  He was not off having fun at work.  Well, not all day anyway!

Some appointments are rewarding and seeing the progress that individuals, families, and couples experience brings joy to my heart.  But, carrying their burdens around with me is difficult.

We don't talk about it much because of needing to keep the confidence of those we work with.    But just know that we work with everyone, those who can pay and those who cannot.  Those who are influential church leaders and those who are doubting God's existence.  

Emotional, spiritual and relational pain has no prejudice, it falls like rain upon us all.  However, some are more resilient than others in how they handle it.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers... and know that while I may post about food, train rides or silly things that happen in our daily lives, we are hard at work and the load is not always easy.


  1. God bless you guys for what you do! An awesome work.

  2. Alida, you and Tom are in my prayers, and now I know a bit more "how" to pray.

  3. Alida, it's my goal to be a counselor (I'm at EW as an administrator to support my hubby through seminary, then it's my turn to get my MA). I long to be a part of the care and healing of souls, but I do worry about carrying the emotional burdens of others and how I will deal with that. Tom's humor must be a huge help in being able to fave life with a smile despite the pain he sees every day.

  4. yes I you do (understand Tom) better what a wonderful gift your gaining.
    I carry many of those things too.
    Open your hands , relax your white knuckles and raise them up. that raising them up and giving them to Him is the hardest of lessons to gain and remember.
    It is so heavy a burden yes...
    It is in understanding and empathizing that your compassion is increasing. It is not to crush you...when it is crushing you look at your white knuckles and open your lands...lift them up and perhaps weep for them for many of us do not know how.
    give them permission by your example when appropriate.

  5. If it is of any help you may be interested in a series I am doing on the life restored blog

  6. Those are heavy burdens. Food, train rides and silly things sometimes help to lighten the load, I think. Lots of love and strength to you and Tom!

  7. Thank you all for your prayers and support it means a lot!!