Monday, May 03, 2010

New Mosque

Spencer and I visited Yeni Cami or New Mosque today. It was started in 1597 by Safiye, the mother of Mehmet III but was not completed until 1663 by Turhan Hadice, the mother of Mehmet IV.

Entering the courtyard the first thing that struck me was the men washing their feet before going in.  Only the men did this... not the women.

Every one has to take off their shoes to go inside.  Plastic bags were provided to carry your shoes around in.

this is a view of the ceiling

the men prayed near the front and the women stayed behind screens near the back.

close up of one of the wall tiles

Women prayed behind the screened wall on the left of the photo... the people walking around were tourists taking photos like me.

We exited from the side and came out to see more men using the fountains on that side of building to wash before going inside.
As we were leaving the call to prayer was sounding... which means we made it in and out before the crowd hit for prayer time!


  1. Hey, Alida - thank you for pointing me in the direction of this blog! I read back a long way and I think I understand a bit of your situation. I'll follow along now. I hope the visas come through and you are soon on your way, especially to the wedding! Your pictures today reminded me a little of our visit to the Blue Mosque in Cairo. Take care!

  2. Crystal, there is a Blue Mosque here in Istanbul too!

    This visa renewal trip has been an adventure. Not one that we planned but we have to live out nonetheless. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What an interesting and lovely place.

  4. Joann, it was was our first time actually going inside a mosque that is actively being used for prayer times.