Friday, November 26, 2010

First Thanksgiving in Belize

Our celebration of Thanksgiving yesterday was simple just like we wanted. After we both chatted with our families back in the states we took a walk over to get our dinner.

The Wing Stop... Best Wings in Belize

Reasonable Prices... it is 2BZD to 1USD

There is a comfortable eating area in the courtyard.

We decided to split a 12 piece order of Spicy Mango Chicken wings and a double order of fries.  The sauce on the wings and the spices on the french fries are just divine.  Our total bill with soft drinks included was just $24BZD ($12USD)  and there were no dishes for me to wash after dinner!

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With our bellies satisfied we went to the supermarket to pick up a few things to make my sweet potato cheesecake and then over to a place across the street for ice cream.  It was a relaxing day for the both of us.  I finished off the day watching one of my favorite holiday movies, White Christmas, while Tom enjoyed Clippers and Sacramento Kings basketball game. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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  2. Hello from a freezing cold Uk it's like Russia here today. I adore travelling and have been an expat for quite a lot of my life although I am now back in the UK....but not for ever. Love reading about your life in Belize and am excited to learn about Russia. We're going next year for a few weeks. I'm your latest follower from the FF over 40 Blog Hop. Lovely to meet you

  3. Spicy mango? That sounds so good! We have a franchise here called Hurricane's that has so many different flavors of wings. Maybe they'll have something similar?

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I hope to see you back on Sofia's Ideas really soon! :)

  4. Hi I am a new follower from Friday Follow! Your blog looks fascinating and I'll be back often!

  5. Those fries look so yummy i wanted to crawl into my 'puter and take a big bite! I enjoyed reading your blog and I am now a new follower.


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  9. Glad you had a good day. Those fries look YUMMY!!

  10. Hanna and Marie,
    Thanks for stopping by!! On my over to check out your blogs too.

    Regina, Those fries were awesome. Next we go over there I will ask what spices they used. We think it was a lime pepper mix.

  11. Hi, I'm a new follower through Java 40+. Enjoyed the tale of Thanksgiving in Belize. I lived overseas for 7 years in 3 countries -- Thailand, Ivory Coast, and France. Your blog is sure to bring back many wonderful memories. You might enjoy my recent blog post about my first Thanksgiving in Bangkok!

  12. spicy mango chicken wings... yum! sounds delicious!

  13. thank you for following my blog, i followed yours too thru networkblogs.

    Food looks yummy=p~

  14. Oh my, those fries do look yummy!

    Looking forward to reading about your new life adventures in Belize :-)


  15. thanks for stopping by!!

  16. Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

    Wow, That must have been a different experience, especially if you are use to all the fanfare and frenzy of preparing dinner for a large group.

    How simple and no turkey. Do people in Belize even eat turkey?
    Your choice look like a delicious one. lol

  17. The wings sound delicious! I would love to see your recipe for sweet potato cheesecake...Mmmmm! I've been making sweet potato cupcakes this month and LOVING them!


  18. Sisiter Girl, They do have turkey here it is just very expensive and we didn't feel like it was worth for the just the two of us.

    Carla, I will post the recipe on Tasty Tuesday :-)

  19. What a lovely idea! I love Wing Stop, and it's been ages since I had them! Thanks for checking out my blogs and for the lovely comments, I look forward to wandering around here and reading more, it sounds fascinating!

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  21. That food looks fantastic!!! I like the looksof the bucket of beer!! :D