Friday, November 12, 2010

not just sharp

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But seriously sharp!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by today and leaving your comment. I just visited your blog and love it! You do a great job with your photography and your posts are funny. I'll definitely be back again.

    We've not crossed over to Belize yet but would like to someday. How far are you all from Guatemala?

    I bet the climate from Russia to Belize has been an adjustment. ha

    Blessings on your new ministry there. :-)

  2. Seriously. No joking!

  3. Regina and David, we are about 50 miles away from the border of Guatemala and Belize. Yeah, the climate is a bit of a change for us. LOL!

  4. That's pretty funny about the seriously sharp cheese. I love sharp cheese.

  5. Bill and Debra, our last name is Sharp so we really got a kick out of the seriously sharp label!