Thursday, November 04, 2010

over the river...

One way to get across the river is this hand cranked ferry.  When we were out the other day with Tom and June they took us to experience the ride from Spanish Lookout over to San Ignacio.  The wait and the ride across were an adventure I am so grateful  we were able to have!

our first traffic jam in Belize... we had to wait in line for our turn across the river

 there was a bar and grill there in case the wait gets to be overwhelming

looking across to the other side you can see that there is a wait on both sides

 the hand crank

 only the driver is allowed to stay in the car...

 passengers chatting with one another

This passenger decided that the guy cranking was going to slow... so he took over


view from the ferry

fellow passengers...


 the passengers get off before the vehicles are allowed to drive off.  
We stood out of the way of the other cars and waited for Tom... 

We were fortunate in the timing of our little trip.  The guy who cranks the ferry will not go from one side to the without taking a load of people across.  According to Tom & June the same guy has been working on the ferry for 12 years.  And though it is supposed to be available for people to cross 24 hours a day... the guy goes home to sleep and will take the crank with him.  So unless you have your own crank you are out of luck!


  1. I am just catching up on your blog Alida. The pictures are amazing! You guys are really living in such an interesting place.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Joann! This is such an interesting and beautiful country.