Friday, February 18, 2011

Give us this day...

My religion class students always seem so carefree and happy.  Or at least that was my perception.  Yesterday I had the kids write out their prayer requests for me so that I could pray for them during the week.  I was astounded by some of the struggles they are facing.  I told them that they didn't have to put their names on the papers and that they could write whatever they wanted to write and no one but God would know it was from them.

With their heads down and their hand covering their little piece of paper so their classmate couldn't see it some of them set off to work right away.  Others sat for a long time thinking about what to put down.  As each child finished they would raise their hand and I walked over and without looking at what was written I folded it in half so that even I could not see who had written what.  

When I got home and sat down to read through their requests and pray for them I ended up in tears after reading only a few.  How easy it is to forget how hard life can be at age 11.

Their prayer requests from spelling tests to bullies to broken families.  Please keep these kids in your prayers.  And thanks for helping me carry their burdens.

Dear God, Please heal my baby sister from flues and fever and please bless my Dad so he could go to church with us and please bless my mom cause she is a hard working mom.  Please heal my family Lord God and help me to obey and respect others and my mom and dad.  Bless my two sisters. Please help them not curse cause they don't know what they are saying Lord God. In Jesus name, Amen.

I pray to pass the test we will have today in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen

I want you to pray for me because I have a test Friday.

I want you to pray for my little sister who is very sick.

I am praying for my family friend and for energy and life.

Father, thank you for health and strength.  Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins.  Please help me to be like you everyday.

For my big brother to get well.  And my little brother would want to go to church.

I am very sad because one of my family members died on Tuesday.

Pray for my family and friends and one of them and her family have gone through a lot.  And for Miss Alida and my classmates.

Pray for me to continue to love God.

I want God to help me and my family and help me with my school work.

I have a lot of bad dreams these days.  And all my friends treat me like a piece of garbage.  One of my friends likes to treat me like I'm her maid.  She likes to beat me.  

Pray for safety because these days it's getting dangerous so very quickly.  This should go for everybody because it's dangerous for everyone.  Have a nice day Miss Alida and may the Lord bless you.

I want my little brother to be healthy again because he has the flu.  And I want to pass my test tomorrow.

I want you to pray for me to pass my spelling test tomarro.

I want you to pray for my sin and for God to help me not to sin.  No matter if the sin is small or big.  I am sorry for my sin.

Lord I am praying to you because I want you to help me with my test next week in the name of Jesus I pray.  Amen.

God I thank you for giving your son to die for our sin and I want you to protect my mom, dad and my sisters and brothers.  Thanks for my shelter, life and education.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

I want you to pray for one of my family that got injured on Monday.

Pray for my foot in Jesus name.  Amen.

I want to pray for those bullies in this earth.  I want to pray for those people that are sick and for my family and friends.

I want God to help me to study a lot so I could go to standard 5 and standard 6.  And have a good education so I can get work when I grow up.  I wish I'll be able to go to Comprehensive highschool.

Can you pray for my for my family and for my dad that is in Belize City.  And for me to get good grade in school too.  And for all the students and my teacher.

Lord please help me to pass my Language Arts test.  I want to bless my antie because she is very sick.  Please help her to get well.  I thank you for all the good things that you have done.  Amen.

I want you to pray for my family to get back together and not be in 2 pieces cause my grandmother does not like my mother so life is not very easy for me and my grandfather and grandmother got a divorce so it is worse harder for me and I just want you to pray to let our family be a whole again.  I miss all the times we use to spend as a family but things are not the same anymore sometimes when I come to school I am sad but I have to act like I am happy.  I really hope some day my family will get back together and all of us will be happy again.

Miss, I want you to pray for me because I have a test to take today and tomorrow.  Thank you.

Please pray for my family Lord so we all know more about God so please pray for me and my cousin that is not talking right now.

I want you to pray for my aunt that is sick.

I want you to pray about coming late to school and for my strength for my tests to pass.  And my life and other things.

Dear heavenly Father, please guide me in the way going and coming back to school.  Please help me on my test that I am going to have tomorrow.  I thank you for all that you have done, and everything you will do and also what you are doing.  Amen.


  1. Little kids have great faith and trust. God, answer their prayers so they will keep asking and keep trusting in Jesus' name.

    Love you Alida...keep up the great work.

  2. Wow... That must be one difficult test coming up!! LOL

    It's truly wonderful to see the faith these young hearts have, and heartbreaking to see some of the things they struggle with.

    Lifting their little hearts in prayer right now!

    Have a Blessed Weekend Alida!

  3. How precious...prayers from children are so sweet. I'll pray specifically for those sweet little things!

  4. They will be in our prayers. Some of the burdens some of these little ones are heart breaking

  5. Thank you all for praying... some of these requests truly broke my heart.

  6. What precious requests. Those kids sound so strong and faithful! They will be in my prayers