Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

After the youth rally was over Tom and I decided to explore the city.  We walked around the downtown area near the town square.  We found several little shops and as we went from shop to shop there were those who engaged Tom in conversation.  One young man, John, struck up a conversation with Tom and soon found common ground.  He was from California!  He was a student at Cal Tech taking a little time off to earn some money in his family store.

He recommended several different places to eat in the area.  When he mentioned pizza we were intrigued.  Other than tacos or Chinese food there were not too many choices in this little town.  Although John mentioned a bakery that also made pizza we discovered at the hotel that there was actually a pizzeria in town. The young gal at the desk gave us a map and directions and we set off to see what we could find.

What we found was great conversation and fascinating stories along with pizza that had the same taste of slices I remember from my time in Rome, Italy.  Carlos, a classically trained chef, and his wife Anna, the owner, are very kind, and attentive to their guests.  I could hear an accent that was not Belizean when we talked with them.  Carlos, or Charles, is from Algiers and Anna is from Columbia.  He could tell right away that Tom was an American but he thought I was Belizean.  We are getting used to that assumption since it happens frequently!

When I asked Carlos how many languages he spoke... he laughed and said "only seven and four dialects".  What a fascinating person with an incredible life.  After spending time as a lawyer he chose to go back to food.  His father is French and his mother is Italian but the taste of the freshly made sauce and garlic infused pizza dough reflected his Italian roots.  He began with telling us about his time as a private chef in mansions in LA and Miami.  Then we heard war stories and stories of life in Canada and how he met Anna through her brother when he was stationed in Alaska during his military service.  Can you imagine such a wide and varied life?

If you make it to Orange Walk Town, Belize make sure you stop in and see Carlos and Anna...you won't regret it!

Carlos and Anna, with the Orange Walk special...a chicken pizza with garlic and cilantro.  Yum!

front of Carlos Pizzeria


  1. Just came from Belize, I didn't get to see everything I wanted besides the old church. I was on a time limit but I can see there is much need.

    I thank the Lord for the efforts of missionaries like yourself.

  2. Okay! You just made me very hungry! It sounds like a great pizza place, ant the chicken pizza sent me over the top! I would like to get to Belize sometime!

  3. looks delicious! we have pizza once a week..on Fridays and the kids get to watch a movie. We should start making our own and experiment with flavours because that chicken looks really good!

  4. What a wonderful find Alida! Once again, I leave your blog heading for the kitchen... :-)

    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. Gosh i could use some pizza right now but i am trying to be good!

  6. I love food with a good background story! How fun for you guys! Keep up the good work! Wonder if I'll ever make it to Belize.....

  7. What a great afternoon...good food and the company of new friends! Love reading about your little finds and sweet gems around Belize. You're my personal travel connection!

  8. chicken pizza with garlic and cilantro sound amazing right about now! i have to see if anyone around here sells it!