Monday, January 23, 2012

Celebrating Chinese New Year and counting the gifts...

There is a first time for everything.  And yesterday we celebrated Chinese New Year for the first time!

We attend a multi ethnic church here in Belize and one of the ethnicities represented is Chinese.  As part of his message Pastor Han told us about the beginning of Bethel Disciples Church.  It began with a group of Chinese believers who came together to worship.  And they called Pastor Han, a Korean, to be their pastor.  He does not speak Mandarin so he preached in English and used a translator.  Others heard about the church and began to attend.  And now just about every ethnic group in Belize is represented at the church.  It truly is a beautiful sight to see everyone worshiping together each Sunday.  
After church yesterday we were treated to a buffet of Chinese food, made by several ladies from the congregation. It was all very tasty.  I can't decide if the noodle dish or the dumplings were my favorite.  I would be willing to taste it all again, you know, to be sure!  There were also gifts for the kids, lots of laughter and great fellowship to be had.  We were thrilled to be a part of it all.  We have been attending Bethel Disciples Church for a few months now and it is beginning to feel like we have found a home. And that is truly a gift!

531.  a place to worship and grow in Him.
532.  wooden tables laden with more than enough food for everyone.
533.  sermons that seem to have been written just for my ears.
534.  worship songs that lift up an offering of praise.
535.  text messages that let me know a friend is praying for me.
536.  phone calls and texts from Nathan and Spencer.

537. being the mother of two incredible sons.

538.  Tom taking a bullet for me during my week of no bread. 
 I ate the fish burger and he finished off the bun.

539.  learning to ignore the wires and just focus on the sunset.
540.  beautiful moments to end the day.
541.  Creation speaking words that enchant the soul

542.  Christmas gifts that bring tears to the eye and joy to the heart.
543.  the thoughtfulness of on line friends.
544.  Ornaments to replace items lost in Russia.
545.  sweets from home filled with childhood memories.

546.  papaya-orange smoothies
547.  fresh fruit and veggies from the market

548.  having a friend drop off a container filled with fresh baked goodness.
549.  eating Johnny Cakes for the first time.
550.  watching American Idol after the football game.
551.  having people who trust me.
552.  the serenity that abides in a grateful heart. 


joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Happy Monday! And I like how you celebrated Chinese new year in Belize! The picture of Tom eating your bread is great:-)

  2. As always...I love reading about your newfound blessings. I think I'm going to add a blender/juicer to our wedding registry. Your concoction looks yummy!

  3. Every morning I rise I am blessed everything else is cake.

    just dropped by to leave you an award please stop by and pick it up. The link to the post is

  4. It is so neat that you are attending a church with multiple cultures, worshiping Him in Word and Truth.

  5. Sounds like a very diverse group but a great family.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Belize, wow that just sound like a nice place to be. Definitely on my places to visit one day

  7. and now i'm craving hot tamales ... see? i have a problem!

    hope you're having a great week! actually i know you are :)