Monday, January 09, 2012

counting the gifts...

breathe, let go and move on.

Spencer moves out to Banana Bank today to work at the YWAM base there.  We know we are letting him go into good hands.  And that he will be a 15 minute drive away.  And yet, it still feels like a loss.  We had a family Skype time with Nathan and though I could see his face and was grateful... it makes it hard to wait for June when we will all be together again.  I am struggling learning to breathe, let go and move on to whatever comes next.  

This will be our first full week back in the counseling office since the holiday break began. There is a banquet on Friday night for Christian leaders and their spouses.  On Saturday Tom starts teaching the second counseling course at Belize Bible Center.  We have a full week ahead.  So we must breathe, let go, and move on with the tasks before us.  

and I am so grateful that there are gifts to count along the way...

487.  dinner with our new friends Dion, Andrea, and their children, Kaelen, Janae and baby Zaira

488.  making enough pizzas for us all.
489.  the joy of watching the children eat several slices of pizza and the salad to go with it.
490.  carrot apple slaw.
491.  Skype calls with the whole family.
492.  long lazy Sundays.
493.  homemade treats from Mom & Dad Sharp.
494.  Christmas gifts for Harley, our dog, too!

495.  watching 1940's House

496.  discovering Downton Abbey

497.   bursts of color in our front yard

498.  watching the hummingbirds enjoy the flowers
499.  and the butterflies

500.  being moved to tears by a few of the poets and their stories
while watching Louder Than a Bomb.

501.  the opportunity to breathe, let go and move on.

joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Your gratitude list should be turned into a book!

  2. oooh, i adore 1940's house too!!

  3. I love reading your list because it always reminds me that blessings are all around...even in the simpliest of things.

  4. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Love my visit to your blog this morning....Blessings "let go and count them"...let of the regrets, the guilt, the pain and suffering. let go let go let go ....excellent good news for me this morning

  5. Alida, I so appreciate this post. I respect you so much and it is so good to hear that you struggle with life, too. It makes me not feel like such a needy person. :)

  6. I agree with Mrs. Pancakes -- your list of blessings and gratitude would make a beautiful book! And those flowers brighten my own gray day here in the Pacific NW.