Monday, January 16, 2012

counting the gifts...

Just like many of you this was a busy weekend for us...
*we had a banquet to attend Friday night for Christian Leaders out at the YWAM base in Banana Bank.  We met several new people.  We were amazed by the turn out. Close to 100 people in attendance. I think most of the various ethnic groups and denominations here in Belize were present.  We had a great dinner, an inspiring speaker and awesome fellowship with other leaders from around Belize.

*Saturday morning was the first class of the new semester at Belize Bible Center.  We had 16 students show up for this second course on Christian counseling...some returning students and some for the first time.  And we were told to expect new people next week as well!  Tom taught on Defense Mechanisms and he was thrilled to be teaching again.

*Saturday evening Spencer came by with some of his YWAM friends.  It was a great time of laughing with them and getting to know them a little better.  

*Sunday service at church was refreshing and the message shared was right on time and in tune with what I needed to hear.  Next week because of the number of Asian believers in our church we will be celebrating Chinese New Year with a meal together after the service...and that is exciting to look forward to!

502.  morning walks with Tom
503.  a hot cup of tea with a friend
504.  great conversations that you don't want to end
505.  crispy salads loaded with veggies and salmon
506.  warm garlic bread

507.  a buffet line with a glimpse of Spencer in the background

508.  a tasty dinner and dessert while chatting with some leaders from the Mennonite community.

509.  candlelight and fresh cut flowers

510.  a free book of choice for each couple or single that attended

511.  Having Spencer spend his free day with us on Sunday.
512.  A timely message from Pastor Underwood for me to process the week.
513.  the sun shining after the rain.
514.  being inspired by Tom's commitment to walk more.
515.  experiencing the calm that comes from breathing in deeply and letting it out
516.  realizing that although we don't have much materially...we truly are rich.
517.  Time with Spencer's new friends from YWAM
518.  the joy of five sugar free days last week

519.  learning not just to sing but to pray this chorus:
Lord, prepare me
to be a sanctuary.
Pure and holy,
tried and true.
With thanksgiving
I'll be a living sanctuary for You.

520.  appreciating the difficulty in this process of surrendering all that I hold dear to Him.

521. the delight of knowing that we are exactly where God wants us to be.

522.  a counseling client who is growing and changing and experiencing a fuller life!
523.  teens who desire to work through their feelings and issues in counseling.

524.  the diversity of cultures here

525.  Reading The Hunger Games late into the night.
526.  watching documentaries with Spencer on a quiet Sunday afternoon
527.  a bag filled with oranges from a gracious couple at church
528.  the calming smell of a freshly peeled orange permeating the air.
529.  homework from Tom's class that challenges the mind and the spirit

530.  for His enduring love that becomes more palpable each day

joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Beautiful List! Good to "see" you again. Love, Amy

  2. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Aww... I am always looking for you on Mondays! I love your list. I, too, am reading the Hunger Games (along with Middle Sis and Big Sis) late into the night. Love the cultural diversity.

  3. that hands picture is beautiul! thanks for sharing your list. it NEVER fails to make me smile!

  4. Love that photo of hands--powerful image. But my favorite was Cookie Monster! Thanks for the reminder to go add to my list!

  5. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I love when you share posts like these friend :)

    I was wondering i have been going through a tough time lately and If you could say a prayer for me I would appreciate it. You are such a inspiration to me for blogging and for faith :)

  6. As reading your list and I love #519.

  7. Alida, as always, a beautiful list! Have a lovely week.