Monday, January 30, 2012

counting the gifts...

I have surrendered to the fact that while I don't like exercise and body seems to like it.  I am feeling much better physically and mentally.  Spiritually, I find myself reflecting on my surroundings and feeling more 'dialed in' when I am out walking.  Last week I walked four out of seven days.  This week the goal is to repeat that.  I am grateful to have found something simple (and free) that I can do for myself that yields such great results.  

554.  knowing there are greater things ahead.

555.  having our friend, Paul, visiting from the states.
556.  taking photos against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea.
557.  having a reliable vehicle that allows us to provide transport for others when needed.
558.  knowing how to make our dollars stretch when there is more month than money.
560.  fresh fruit and vegetables.
561.  fresh smoothies for breakfast.

562.  not believing everything I tell myself about myself.

563.  sharing Tom's birthday with Belizean friends.
564.  passing the mid-term in Tom's counseling class. 
565.  gifts from America.
566.  enough Brita water filters to make it through the year.
567.  pumpkin pie flavored pop-tarts.
568.  a new oven thermometer.
570.  sharing our favorite hot wing spot with our friend from the states.
573.  a phone call from my brother.

574.  understanding why God is sometimes silent during difficulty. 

joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. it is amazing that something as simple as walking can make you feel better. a day that i don't get any type of exercise, i just don't feel right.

    have a great week!

  2. I always feel better after walking in the early mornings. It some how clears my head and gets me ready to tackle my day.

  3. Exercise and sweating is definitely my out! Glad you found something you like, that's really what it's all about :-)

  4. so glad your body is telling you it likes exercise and sweating....keep up the awesome job!!

  5. Anonymous8:54 PM

    As you continue to count and be thankful for the small things you will not miss the bigger things! God's best to you and yours! -- Sebastian