Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do you ever feel this way?

 Some days I just want to run to the store or do my errands and not run into anyone who knows me.

I don't want to be rude I just want to be invisible.  Maybe it's the introvert in me.  Maybe it is a holdover from the five years of being the only black woman in the region we lived in back in Russia. There are days when it is obvious that the feeling of always being on stage hasn't fully left me yet.   

But then there are days like yesterday.  

I went to the post office to pick up a package from a blogging friend
 who was sweet enough to bless us with some treats and Christmas ornaments.

As soon as I walk in one of the workers in the back looks up at me and smiles.  She walks toward me with a piece of mail that had our first address on it here in Belmopan.  The man at the counter is waiting on someone else when I enter.  He goes to get that person's package and mine at the same time.  I have not even given my name or shown him my paperwork yet. When my turn comes he gets me out of there in record time.  Thanking him, I turn to leave, smile, and God reminds me of the benefits of being recognized.

 It is not about being on display. 
It is about being a part of a community. 
And we are truly blessed indeed to be able to live and serve here.  


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    True True !!
    Blessed day !!

  2. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Powerful Truth from a blessing from across the way ...enjoyed the simplicity and honesty of your truth shared this morning! And yes ...I would love to be invisible sometimes!

  3. what a beautiful post. it is so true. it is amazing sometimes how a genuine smile from a friend or even a stranger can really turn the day around. but yes, sometimes, being invisible would be neat :)

  4. Community is a wonderful thing ... unless I try to sneak to the grocery store early in the morning with no makeup. Why is everyone I know there when I do that?

  5. Ha - I am a bit of an introvert so I totally get it. Plus I am not so good at the small chit chat that takes place when you run into someone that you had not planned on meeting. My hubby is the opposite so I have gotten better at it. I would be content to stay in my little home with my family forever!

  6. I also totally get wanting to be invisible. Especially when I go out on early morning walks to buy bread at the bakery. (unwashed face, uncombed hair) And I often see people I know. But then I guess it is nice to run into people you know in a city of 4 million...

  7. I feel that way at church and in the store. I sometimes just want to not be known :) yes invisible..just for a little. As if I'm not already invisible. lol.

    But your put it perfectly and it is so true. It's being part of a community and a blessing. Thanks for reminding me. It also reminds me of the movie: It's a wonderful life.

  8. I really like your spin on this; part of the community is the perfect way to look at it :)

  9. Anonymous7:27 AM

    I'm an introvert and live in a small town. I usually wish I wouldn't run into anyone. And then I do and it's ok:) Great post and reminder about the blessing of community.