Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tasty Tuesday...what your cravings mean

I came across the handy chart on Pinterest.  This is fascinating to me.  Not long ago I blogged about my sugar cravings.  And now I can clearly see what my body is missing when I have those cravings and what real foods can give me the nutrients that I am needing at the time.  

How awesome is that?!

Not only do I love sweets but salty foods too.  Popcorn and potato chips are my weaknesses.  Tom and I are both looking to make better choices with food.  As the one who does the cooking I feel a greater responsibility to make sure that I am doing my part to help us both eat better.  And I have been inspired by his commitment to walking.  He has been going out five days a week.  We walked a lot before we got the car last year.  We lived for five years in Russia without owning a vehicle.  But here in Belize the public transportation system is not like it was in Russia.  Since purchasing the car I have gained ten pounds.  I was shocked when I got on the scale.  Absolutely shocked.

Today is Tom's birthday and he asked for a cake.  I will bake him a Texas Sheet Cake today but we will be sharing it with friends so we won't be tempted to eat the whole thing just the two of us.  

We aren't going to be counting calories and weighing in each week. 
 The goal is to make better food choices, 
eat treats in moderation and walk as often as we can.  

What changes are you making for your health this year?


  1. This pretty makes total sense! I noticed at the top on the sweets part that it says you should eat cheese, I have this funny thing happen sometimes... when I crave sweets I also crave cheese I just usually give into the sweets! And all alone I've been choosing the wrong choice!

    Hubby has dragged my butt to the gym this week and I am afraid it just might kill me LOL! I hope after this week it will get easier... right now all I want to do is bathe in a tub of icy hot LOL!

  2. brilliant! Every girl loves a little chocolate I think, but for me, I tend to really crave the salty foods. And wouldn't you know -- the one thing we do not eat often (meaning ever) around here is Fish! Well, that will change, at least for hubby and me. And I guess it's okay if I add a dash of salt to my plate every now and then: good excuse to get some quality sea salt.
    Thanks for sharing - this is amazing!

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I'm loving this chart because I am always craving sweets, especially chocolate. I guess I need to go and grab some grapes for my chocolate addiction, LOL.

  4. Anonymous3:31 PM

    I am loving this chart too. I have to stop drinking soda.. So far im failing.. blah but im gonna keep at it

  5. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Happy Birthday Tom, enjoy your cake, have fun with the friends, celebrate celebrate celebrate....Alida thanks for the chart I am going to print it off and put is smack dab in front of my "refrigerator"....thanks

  6. Wow - I guess it makes sense that your body crave things your body is missing. Must copy the chart and keep handy in the kitchen

  7. i eat lots of the things that stop the sugar cravings but i still am always craving sugar. i have a problem. i can't be helped ;)