Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What is your brain made of?



Did you know all of this about water?  
I sure didn't.  

Tom and have always been water drinkers.  We don't keep soda, or even juice in the house and we only buy them for special occasions.  Depending on where you live and how active you are the amount of water you need to drink to avoid dehydration varies.  Most days we each drink two liters of water.  On really hot and humid days Tom might drink up to four liters of water and I drink three.  When we first got here we bought bottled water to drink and to cook with.  

After experimenting with a few different water filtration pitchers we settled on the Brita pitcher we have now.  But, when the time came to buy a new replacement filter...they were no where to be found.  Our friends saved the day for us and donated enough filters to last an entire year.  Water filters may not be the most expensive gift we have ever received but they most certainly are valuable to the quality of our lives.  Especially in light of how important water is to the proper functioning of our bodies.

So what do you drink the most?
What is your brain made of?!


  1. Definitey water! When I was growing up the only thing we never had to ask for was water. So when we were thirsty we always went for the water. Juice would be sitting in the fridge and we {my sisters and I} would always choose water.

    It has stayed with me. Unless I know I am going to be having some guests or it is a special occassion that is the only time we have juice/soda in the fridge. The issue is when we have surprise guests and all we have is water to give, haha. But there is just something so delicious about a tall glass of cold water. I love it.

  2. definitely*

    just hate it when i spell something wrong on someone's blog!

    1. No worries! We only ever had water in the house growing up as well...but there was always a package of Kool Aid and sugar to mix it with!! LOL!

  3. Water for me too. I'm a little picky though and like it without ice!...even on a hot day.

  4. Coffee and green tea. Wine in the evenings. Water when I remember. I'M SO BAAAAAAAAD!

  5. Sad to say but I consumed too much Coke.