Monday, February 06, 2012

counting the gifts...

My nose is stuffy. I feel achy and tired. I just want to breathe freely and think clearly again. I cannot tell if my allergies, sinuses, or just a common cold are to blame for how I feel.  Either way...I just don't feel good.

And yet, I feel so blessed.

475.  Thankful that Tom rearranged our schedule so that I could have an extra day to rest.
476.  Our house guest made it back home to the states safely.
477.  Super bowl commercials with Betty White in them.
478.  Time with Spencer and some of the YWAM staff.
479.  Seven of us watching the King's Speech together.

480.  Tom being asked to speak on a panel for the Christian Club at Galen University.

481.  learning a school chant at a pep rally before the panel started.
482.  contagious smiles

483.  watching the room fill with students 

484.  meeting the chairman of the university...who was such a gracious host.

485.  watching the students take notes as the men on the panel spoke.
486.  Listening to their insightful questions when the presentations ended.
487.  getting out to walk three times last week despite the rain.
488.  our monthly meeting with local missionaries here in the Cayo District.
489.  fresh honey from a local farmer.
490.  cups of hot tea on chilly rainy days.
491.  vanilla flavored soy milk 

492.  two more weeks of classes left for this session at Belize Bible Center.

493.  Pink hair bows, colorful beads, and the little girls at church.

494.  shoulders for little ones to lean on.

495.  learning that I am stronger than I thought I was...

496.  embracing a life of simplicity.


497. finding joy in being thankful.

joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Hoping you feel better soon Alida. You know just about any condition we find yourself in there remains something in which to be grateful.

  2. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Feel better soonest! I have the same thing going on..

    I love these gift posts you share :)

    Always makes me smile..

  3. Hope you feel better soon.

    There is so much to be thankful for

  4. I love numbers 493 and 495. I discovered late in life that knowing I can do hard things is a very valuable asset. And who can resist pink bows and colorful beads.

  5. Sending warm wishes to you! And I am grateful for the gift that our paths crossed and to have the pleasure of knowing you :D