Monday, February 27, 2012

counting the gifts...

One of the best things about final exams is the feasting that we do when class is over.  We all pulled together for a pot luck of chicken, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, veggies and dip, cookies, and cake.   It was a chance to make jokes and bond as a class.  And finally breathe a collective sigh of relief because we all made it through another semester together!

 After class was over I got a call from Spencer.  He was helping out with a fund raiser at the Expo for a student who wants to attend the upcoming Discipleship Training School at the YWAM.  

Flat Stanley even joined in to help with the fundraising!

526.  fellowship with the students in the counseling class.
527.  yummy feasts!
528.  being able to drive the kids from YWAM back to the base.

529.  our time at the Expo

530.  seeing familiar faces among the crowd at the Expo.

531.  beauty at the park where the Expo was held.

532.  a relaxing Sunday
533.  a great time of worship at church.
534.  enjoying the Oscars.
535.  finding the joy that comes from gratitude.

 joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Glad to read that you are giving thanks in your beautiful corner of the world!

  2. i LOVE that your son is involved in your work too!