Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flat Stanley in Belize...

Flat Stanley came to visit us from California a few weeks ago. 

 Flat Stanley checking out the plantains in our front yard.

Here he is helping Tom teach at Belize Bible Center.

And of course he wanted to post with the sign so you all would know he was really there!

We haven't had much of a chance to take him out to see more of the sites here in Belize.  He has had to hang out around the house or go to work with us.  This Saturday is our last class for this semester so we will get a chance to take a drive next weekend and take Stanley out to see some of the beauty of Belize before he heads back to school.


  1. Lucky Stanley gets to visit Belize. I remember when my niece's class did a project with flat Stanley. This gives me an idea for my Compassion child.

  2. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Flat Stanley sure gets around ....He has visite my home twice .....and it was my two nieces from Indiana ....Flat STanley came to visit me in Arkansas...I took him to work with me, showed him Tracy Lawrence's roots, it was certainly a challenge to show him the woooplaaa of a nothing little town so I had to reach within me to find the creative being that sleeps a lot of the time...but we did it and both girls were happy and made a good mark!