Wednesday, February 15, 2012

thought for today...

Take a good look at God's wonders---they'll take your breath away.
Psalm 66:5
The Message

How often do you look at the ground?  
Are you so focused on the path ahead that you miss what is right at your feet?  

Each time we go for a hike in Guanacaste National Park  I have no idea where to look.  Whether I look up or down, side to side, or straight ahead, there is so much to see.  God's wonders are everywhere.  Each detail of His creation is worth taking note of...His handiwork is amazing.  Sometimes, I forget that I am also a wonder of His.  Having lost two children I know firsthand that each child born alive is a miracle.  

You are a wonder of His. 
You are His handiwork.  
You are amazing!

May you take the time to take a good look at God's wonders...
including yourself and those around you. 

May you surrender your gaze to Him. 
And may He truly take your breath away.
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  1. I love how his wonder is all around us!!

  2. that is how i always feel when i see nature. how can you not believe in God's wonder when you see it.

  3. I love how the wonders of nature speak to the evidence of an amazing and creative God. :)

  4. beautiful thought for today. I am strengthened to look out my window and somehow still find the beauty in the freshly fallen snow. everything is covered in crisp blanket of white - like it's been made new. how appropriate.
    The sun is shining upon it and the light is blinding and beautiful. is that what it would be like to gaze on my Lord?
    beauty is all around us - we just have to notice it.
    but from my kitchen window okay -- because it is like minus 15 celsius. still looking for the beauty in that :)

    1. It is hard to find the beauty in -15!! How well I remember looking out on the snow and cold from our apartment window in Russia!

  5. The wonders of the Lord's creations are so amazing, so awe inspiring!

  6. JUST this morning I said goodbye to my husband and was mesmerized by the clouds in the morning sky. I say goodbye everyday but this morning I truly paused and noticed...It's TRUE, the beauty is all around us and if we let it, it WILL blow us away!
    Beautiful Alida!
    Thanks for being patient this morning!! You ladies are awesome and faithful!
    hugs, lori

    1. Thanks Lori! I am glad to be able to participate!

  7. Such a striking photo Alida. Like Lori, I found myself gazing at the sky these days.

  8. This is beautiful and true.indeed.

  9. It is an awesome feeling to be surrounded by His wonder and beauty!

  10. So true when you stop to look at HIS beauty. Love your picture. sandie