Monday, April 09, 2012

The gifts of Holy Week...

How was your Holy Week? 

 The CDF office closed last Monday and does not reopen until tomorrow so we are still enjoying a much needed break.  Our time off for the Easter holiday began with a one day trip to Chetumal, Mexico and it will end today with a quiet day at home.  As I think about all this week held for us I am truly grateful.

629.  after several attempts to photograph a truck filled with sugarcane as they barreled down the highway we finally saw one parked on the side of the road!  So grateful that it was there to pose for me.

630.  being able to negotiate the traffic in Chetumal, Mexico (just across the border from Belize)

631.  meeting up with Celina and Paulino, who live in Chetumal, to see The Hunger Games after our time of shopping for much needed supplies.
632. the joy of laughing together at the teen age girls who sighed and awed all through the movie.  
633.  Paulino, Tom and Spencer tolerating the movie even though Bruce Willis was not in it!

634.  seeing a black jaguar walk right in front of the car after crossing back over into Belize.
635.  the unforgettable chill that went down my spine as I was eye to eye with that magnificent animal.

636.  a quiet Tuesday with no demands.
637.  spending time in the hair salon on Wednesday and enjoying the air conditioning for a few hours.
638.  Bible study and time discussing the word in our small group. 
639.  finding out that Meesha will be coming from India to stay with us for a while.

640. Good Friday sunset over Patty and Max's property after a time of prayer and blessings over their land.

641.  relaxing and laughing at a cookout on Saturday so much that I forgot to take photos!  

642.  Easter Sunday blessing...the children singing Amazing Grace!
643.  Samantha's heartwarming voice lifting us all up in Him.
644.  being able to sing a solo at church for the first time since leaving Russia almost two years ago.
645.  Pastor Dan calming my nerves about singing by reminding me that we are all family.
646.  a potluck meal after church in the home of gracious couple who took in more than 30 of us.
647.  chatting with Toni and hearing about how she and Dan came to Belize.
648.  the gift of redemption and the sacrifice of Christ.
649.  the gift of being reconciled to God by Christ's work on the cross.
650.  the gift of an empty tomb...and a Risen Lord!

 joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Wow I can not believe that jaguar walked in front of you guys what a far away world you live in. I love the pics of the kids singing so sweet. I really need to work on a thankful list!!!

  2. Oh wow the jaguar looks amazing and so cool you went to see Hunger games!

  3. Very cool photos! I love getting glimpses into different parts of the world, and you really seemed to capture yours well. And that jaguar?!? AH-mazing.

  4. that jaguar would've taken my breath away! wow!

    do people chew on sugar cane raw in your part of the world as a treat?


  5. Glad you were able to fellowship, relax, and enjoy the company of great people!