Monday, September 17, 2012

inhale love...exhale gratitude...

 Inhaling His love and exhaling gratitude for all that He is 
and all that He has done restores calm and balance to the soul.  

still counting His gifts...

953.  Meesha spending the weekend with us.
954.  introducing her to some of our family's favorite movies.
955.  walking and chatting with Tom and Meesha 
956.  Indian food for dinner.
957.  Pastor Han's message Sunday filled with grace and love.

958.  my new bookcase...made from reclaimed Hobeo wood
 by Winston and Terry of EnterChange Workshop in Roaring Creek.

959.  appreciating the character of the wood and the craftsmanship of EnterChange Workshop.
960.  getting my books off of the floor, table, nightstand, and various places around the house.
961.  getting the chance to chat with Erin on Facebook after our Skype attempt was unsuccessful.
962.  being inspired by Pinterest to crochet a few baskets.
963.  getting closer to my goal of walking for 100 days!
965.  letting go of old habits to make healthy new ones.

966.  birds in the nest outside our bedroom window.

joining in with the gratitude community:

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