Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where do your tortillas come from?

There are several vendors around the city who make their own tortillas to sell from their homes.  Most people charge 50 cents a pound.  When I went to get corn tortillas yesterday the woman I buy from didn't have any made.  So I had to wait.

When she went to another room to make the masa (dough) I took a photo of her work station.  
 The cut-out bleach bottle holds the plastic circles she uses to shape the tortillas.

The metal comal that she cooks over has a fire underneath.  The first thing she did was add more wood to the fire.  After that I saw her take some corn to another room and when she came back she had the dough all ready to mold and shape into tortillas.

Some day when my Spanish gets better I will ask her to explain her whole process to me.  I was fascinated with watching her and her daughter work so quickly.  She told me it would take 15 minutes to make two pounds of tortillas and she was right!  


  1. This brings back memories of El Salvador! I wish I could get some of those tortillas over here!

  2. And I bet they taste oh so good!

  3. That's just amazing and I bet they are the best.

  4. Oh my goodness, those tortillas must be divine!
    There is a small factory here that makes tortillas. They don't keep as long as some of the more mass-produced ones, so we just buy them when we need them. They're delicious. I've tried my had at it a few times but always came up short. I'll try again though, sometime. ;)