Monday, October 22, 2012

counting beyond 1000 gifts...

What a week!!!  It was nice to have Monday off last week due to Pan America Day.  But, from that day on our schedule was packed.  No complaints here...just a report about that which we are so grateful for...

1001.  On Tuesday Tom was a guest on a local talk show called Divas Next Door.  The topic was self-esteem.

1002.  Many women sent in texts with questions or comments and Tom was able to address several issues that can affect how women see big topic was forgiveness.  He was asked to come back again next month!

1003.  On Wednesday I led our women's Bible study in a lesson on God's love.  The ladies really dig into the word and everyone contributed with questions and comments making it a lively morning.  
1004.  I enjoy having different churches represented in our women's group and seeing the Belizean and American ladies all coming together in unity.

1005.  Tom's new glasses arrived!

1006.  fresh juice!  The darker one is pitaya and the lighter is watermelon.

1007.  we found a new restaurant...the food was tasty and the service was great!  

1008.  As we gathered for prayer at CDF on Thursday we also had time to discuss the feedback from the Women's Conference.  We heard stories of healing, breakthroughs, and new realizations about self and God.    

1009.  Even with all of the rain there were still 12 students in class on Saturday morning.

1010.  though the rain came down hard on Sunday it was still a blessing to spend time in worship and hear Pastor Han's message.
1011.  as the torrent of rain fell Tom reminded me that we lived through snow coming down that hard in Russia...we are grateful that it does not get cold enough here in Belize for that to happen!

1012.  marveling at the power of God seen in nature yesterday...all of this water accumulated during the two hours we were in church!

1013.  Gathering with a group of friends to eat lunch together after church.
1014.  Talking on the phone with Spencer and Meesha and being able to hear about how the DTS Outreach in Guatemala is going.  It was so wonderful to hear their voices.
1015.  chatting with Nathan about Rowdy...his new kitten.
1016.  A break in the rain that allowed me to get my walk in yesterday.

And the best news of all...
1017.  Hearing that a boy who been reported missing by the Jasmine Alert was found!

I hope that you take time to ponder the gifts and treasures you experienced last week.  
There is always something to be grateful for!

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  1. I've missed this...and how exciting that Tom was on the fun!!!

  2. What a beautiful thanksgiving list! I love it, especially that your husband was on television speaking on self esteem.

    We were in the newspaper in Turkey yesterday, on the social page for going to a wedding. Funny!