Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Counting gifts of time...

We've had time with friends and time with family.  Meals with several different groups of people.  Meetings in more than one location on the same day.  Ministry in the midst of it all.  And yet, in all of the business there were precious gifts...moments spent with others that were priceless treasures.

967.  learning how to use Facetime  and being able to see Nathan's face for the first time since June.
968.  Steve and Sharon's time here in Belize.
969.  Spencer and Meesha getting the weekend off
970.  Laughing so hard that my head hurt while enjoying family and friends
971.  Attending Pastor Dan's birthday lunch with several others from church
972.  Game night with Spencer, Meesha, Steve, and Sharon
973.  Counseling class and all of the incredible students at Belize Bible Center
974.  Planning for and dreaming about the future of CDF
975.  Connecting with others at the monthly meeting with area missionaries
976.  Dinner at Pasquales with Steve & Sharon and Tom & June
977.  Pausing to spend times in prayer for someone in need
978.  Quiet moments to reflect now and then.
979.  Evening walks with Tom when he is able to go out with me...
980.  Prayer walks when I go out alone
981.  Our home filled with people we love spending time with
982.  Knowing that all of our days and plans are in the hands of God!


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