Monday, October 29, 2012

the gift of praise...

Yesterday I was blessed by the opportunity to sing with the worship team at our church here in Belize.  What a joy it was to glorify His name and lift up praises to Him in song!  It has been over two years since my time on the worship team in Russia.  And I missed those days more than I have dared to admit.  

One of the songs from the set list was Above All.  Singing it transported me to the Church of the Open Door back in Krasnodar where I learned to sing it.  For five years I thought it was a Russian worship song.  I didn't know the original text was in English. The first time I saw the words on a PowerPoint slide in English here I didn't even recognize the song.  It was not until the musicians began to play that I realized I knew the tune. 

It is so difficult to put into words the gratitude I felt yesterday as I sang. 

1018. I was grateful to have the chance to serve at church again.  
1019. I was grateful that my time in Russia taught me to sing harmony.  
1020. I was grateful that my first Sunday had me on a team with Pastor Han, Pastor Dan, Andy, and Johnny.
1021. I was grateful for the reminder of growing up with four brothers.
1022. And I was grateful that I felt 'at home' with them.   

Pastor Han's sermon yesterday was about serving.  Mark 10:45 reminds us that Christ didn't come to be served but TO serve.  Tom and I have had almost a full year of being served at Bethel.  It has been a wonderful place for us to get fed and refreshed for the work we do at the Child Development Foundation. However, it was definitely time for me to get back to serving at church...and I count it as a precious gift from God that the area of need I could fill was on the worship team.

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  1. i havent been to church in a while so i can't wait to go...i love praise and worship time. i can imagine how you felt when you were singing!