Monday, November 19, 2012

the gifts of a holiday weekend...

Today is a holiday here in Belize.  Garifuna Settlement Day.  It is wonderful to have a three day weekend.  And since Thursday is an American holiday we get another day off this week as well.  Our schedule can get very hectic so we are grateful when free time comes our way.  I am not complaining about the work we do...just acknowledging the fact that holidays here are truly a gift. 

I will gladly count this holiday weekend among my blessings...

1050.  packages of goodies from the U.S.

1051.  friends and family who bless us in large and small ways.

 1052.  market day bargains found during the rain...

1053.  adding 'new to me' clothes to my wardrobe

1054.  Tom and I getting to church early to help with set-up in the new location
1055.  90 people packed into the upper room at Omega's restaurant on our first Sunday there

1056.  the faithfulness of the leaders Bethel Disciples International Church
1057.  fellowship among the congregation
1058.  Pastor Han's messages that teach and inspire
1059.  being reminded that "it's not the leaves that are's the fruit!"
As we focus on making disciples and not just filling the church.

1060.  baskets from Sharon that take our pantry from this...

to this!

So what treasures are you grateful for this week?!

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