Monday, August 25, 2014

The Gift of Teamwork...

Do you work well with your spouse? 

There was a time when Tom and I tried to team teach back in California. We'd been married about 15 years or so. Though the talk went well...WE did not do so well...before or after. Let's just say there was weeping and gnashing of teeth involved. Thankfully, both of us have grown up a lot since then.

We've learned to work as a team over the past 9 years on the mission field. 

It came about slowly but surely. We've gained a greater respect for one another as the bond of partnership has strengthened throughout the years. 

Realizing that we are on the same team impacted our marriage and our ministry for the better.

This past weekend Tom and I spoke at a marriage seminar for Holy Ghost Church Esperanza. Tom made the initial outline for the talk and I added in details where it seemed appropriate. Tom's idea was to tell our story as a couple and based on our story we could then share some principles of Effective and Ineffective Communication. For example, Tom wrote about appreciating how well I listen to him when he talks so I was able to give some pointers on being a good listener. As we progressed through our story we were able to incorporate what we've learned about healthy communication throughout our 32 years of marriage. We felt comfortable speaking together and answering questions for the couples who attended.

Pastor Matthias Hill of Holy Ghost Church Esperanza and his wife Oneida.

Pastor Ian Sangster doing the opening remarks and prayer

Pastor Sarah Vasquez doing the icebreakers

 Mrs. Jane Martinez doing the giveaways!

Miss Verlie Lamb dancing to Bless the Broken Road

Mr. Jason Twist speaking on Finding your Ministry & Supporting your Spouse in Ministry

crowd shot by Mrs Jane Martinez

What an incredible blessing to witness all these couples giving up a Saturday to invest in their marriages and families. And Tom and I came away praising God for the precious gift of teamwork! 

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Thought for Today

The desire to praise God comes from the depth of our relationship with Him. It's not about religion. It's not meant to be an act of duty.  It should flow from a heart filled with love, gratitude, and reverence for Who He is and all that He is. Dig into the Word for yourself and discover Who He is. Take time to get to know Him. Draw near to Him, seek Him, and He will reveal Himself to you. And you will find Him worthy of all praise, glory, and honor!