Wednesday, November 19, 2014

From start to finish...

Personally, I think Tom is one of the most creative people on the planet...but, perhaps, I might be biased! He was asked to do some artwork for the set of Divaz Next Door which is a local talk show on PlusTV, a Christian TV station, here in Belize. Here are some photos that I put together showing the evolution of his artwork!

His initial concept

He wasn't happy with the direction of this one...

So he changed direction.

Cirilo's preparing the set

The table was custom made by Pastor Scott Stirm and his son Shane.

all set and ready to go!

And it's show time! 

We had an informative talk with Mrs Arzu about the Garinagu people of Belize

Andrea and I also enjoyed a song by David Smith of Roots and Honor Records!


  1. Cool!!! And beautiful people!

  2. I wish I could conceive an idea and then put paint to paper like that. As it is, I can only paint by numbers and even then only with assistance! These look great! xx

  3. Thank you! We really love our new set!!!