Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chhole Gravy

Meesha made Chhole Gravy for us the other day...and it made me fall in love with chickpeas!
Now we have to see if we can find all of the ingredients here in Belize to make it from scratch.


  1. Hi Alida! If you come up with a recipe for that gravy, do post it! I'm always curious about your Tasty Tuesdays.

    And BTW, I LOVE your "Inhale Love, exhale gratitude." from yesterday. JUST what I needed to hear about now...

    1. I sure will!! I was surprised that I loved the dish because I have never really enjoyed the taste of garbanzo beans before. It was definitely something I would eat again.

      Thanks for the note about yesterday's post...I am so glad it came at just the right time!!

  2. I've never Heard of this but it looks tasty!!