Friday, April 05, 2013

Spring cleaning...

Most of our neighbors were working on their houses before Christmas.  So, we're a little late with our 'spring cleaning'.  

We hired our gardener and his family to scrape the old paint and scrub the mold in preparation for painting.  They did such a great job with the clean up that when they asked about actually painting the house we wanted to give them the work. 

Here are a few before shots...

and here are a few after shots...

While the grownups were at work... the little daughter had her own projects going on!

They are coming back later today to finish off the front of the house.
It's good to see our home looking fresh and new again!


  1. They did an amazing job1

  2. We are so happy with how it all looks! They really worked hard!

  3. Good to get some help. And nice work by the way:)
    Yes, spring is here now and there will be lots of work to be done in the garden. But, there is still snow here, so I have still wait:)

  4. Oh I love spring cleaning. Your porch is to cute:)

  5. Thank you!

    Now we just need some outdoor furniture so we can enjoy being out there more. All in His timing!

  6. Oh that came out so beautiful the details of the rails are nice. I won't have thought of just adding a little bleach and paint. Wow, it looks like the White House:)

  7. Beautiful! Reminds me of all the projects I have around here!

  8. Thanks! We feel like we have a new house!!