Thursday, January 01, 2015

Taking inventory with one word in mind...

Do I feel passionate about my relationship with God? Am I living a wholehearted life? What things do I feel like I need to change about my spiritual life? What areas of my life are suffering due to complacency? 

These are a few of the questions that I'm asking myself. At the end and beginning of each year is a great time to take stock of one's life. An inventory if you will. Start with the most important relationships and move out from there. 

Personally, I start with God...

How have I treated God over the past year? What type of relationship do I have with Him? Is He first in my daily life and not just on the papers in my journal? How is my prayer life? How often do I praise and worship Him? How can I serve Him better? How often do I express my gratitude toward Him? 

Then I have to check in with me!

How have I treated myself over the past year? Is my body a temple dedicated to God's glory? Is my mind filled with excess frustration or fear? Am I telling myself the truth about my gifts, talents, body, health, etc? Am I working to improve my skills? 

After that I move on to my husband...

How did I treat my husband? Does he feel valued and loved? What is important to him? What he is struggling with? What are his personal goals and dreams? How often do I let him know how much I appreciate him? 

You get the idea, don't you? 

Go through each relationship with a few questions. Then you can move on to your work/ministry, hobbies, goals, dreams...what have you. Take inventory of your gifts and talents. Ask yourself questions and take the time to thoughtfully and prayerfully answer them. Get out your Bible and learn what God says about how to interact with Him. Take some time to learn what the Word says about you as a person and as His child. Pray about your purpose and your calling. Listen to His still small voice. 

For me the year 2015 will be a year of PASSION. A year of wholehearted focus on being and doing what He has called me to be and do.  A year of putting my all into whatever I'm doing and whoever I'm with. A year of living life to the full!

I'm a woman, a wife, a mother, and soon to be a grandmother. I'm a counselor, a singer/songwriter, a worship leader, a co-host on a talk show.  I want to do all that I'm doing with intention, without reservation, with PASSION! 

As you listen to God's word for you
 allow Him to speak into your life as never before. 
Allow Him to set the tone 
for this New Year of your life and beyond. 
May you be blessed beyond
 all of your expectations. 
And may 2015 be your best year yet!