Tuesday, June 18, 2013

an unwanted late night visitor...

Last week I had an unwanted visitor in the bathroom.  It's surreal to see a tarantula come around the corner headed straight for you.  Of course I ran out of the bathroom and yelled at Tom to come and get rid of it. 

As Tom took a look at the spider he says, "aren't you going to take a picture?

I took the first photo and then screamed when it moved!!

Tom scooped it up into the dustpan and threw it outside.

I heard from a few others that they'd also had tarantulas show up in their bathrooms or right outside their doors last week.  Apparently, a combination of  heat and rain brings them out.  We've been here almost three years and this was our first run-in with such a huge critter in our home.  Seriously, this thing was bigger than the frog we had come inside.  

Well, now I know when tarantula season is and I'll be ready next time...maybe!

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  1. I would have died! I can barely stand to look at the picture of that hairy thing. God bless you!