Thursday, August 15, 2013

the family vehicle...

I've seen families riding on motorcycles in Belize and have wanted to get a photo. One of our neighbors picks his kids up from school on his motorcycle and it's such a loving sight. This photo is a bit blurry but as you can see they do it here in India too!  I am always amazed at how people make what they have work for their families.  Most of the families I've seen ride in the order this family is riding...the littlest one in the front and the mom in the back.  And if mom is wearing a saree then she rides side saddle.

Since we've been here I've ridden on the back of the bike several times.  The first time I was excited but scared.  Each time I go out with someone I feel more comfortable and not as exposed as I did that first time. I can see that there is a rhythm to the flow of traffic here and have noticed that the motorbikes are better able to weave in and out of the congested traffic much easier than cars can.  I still don't think I would do well driving here...but I used to say that about the freeways in California and somehow I overcame that fear!


  1. Amazing!!! My husband has a few pics like this that he brought back from his 6 month trip to Peru... I always think how amazing these people make it all work for their families! I love how the ladies ride side saddle in their beautiful saree's :)

  2. oh wow...that picture is amazing! makes you wonder if we really need our big SUVs!!