Saturday, October 25, 2014

What's new in Cohune Walk...

After months of repeatedly calling the city to remind them to do their pick up of yard clippings they finally showed up today! There was so much debris throughout our community they had to send a backhoe and a dump truck out to do the collection.

As you can see it's been so long since the last pick up
 that we actually had a tree growing out of the pile in front of our house. 

Tom went out to thank the driver and chat with him.

They had a four man crew out working. 
One driving the backhoe, one driving the dump truck,
 and two helping to load the backhoe when needed. 

There was a snake in that pile!!! 

As they finished up in front of our home we thanked them and clapped. We pray it won't be another year before they come again. All up and down the street in all three phases of the area we live in there are piles of yard waste and overgrown bush. The jungle just keeps growing back if no one clears it. And that makes a breeding ground for snakes and vermin that becomes hazardous to all the neighbors.

We're grateful that it's finally cleared. It looks better and it's much safer for us all!

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