Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Art appreciation

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Since we walk or take public transport in Krasnodar, it’s always an adventure simply going thru the open-air market. We never know what we will encounter! 

Today I met a local artist - an older man from the local village of Elizabeth. He had canvases stacked on an up-side down cardboard box, while 2 framed pictures proudly leaned against the wall of a small store. As he showed me his artwork, he began to share stories. “This is where my parents lived.” he said as he displayed a small landscape. “Here is the dacha (summer home) our family went to every summer.” All of his paintings were landscapes, except for the picture of a young couple. I noticed he had painted on dish-towels, bed linens, burlap sacks & other pieces of fabric, utilizing whatever he had at hand. He’s not the best Russian artist we have seen, but I enjoyed the cultural significance of the artwork of the young couple. 

For $15, I met a local artist, was invited to his house to be shown his favorite paintings, & came home with a reminder of the resourcefulness of the Russian people & their culture that will hang in our home.


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  1. Wow that is so beautiful!
    We had a similar purchase...I forgot about that...It must be in with the kids baby stuff.
    Hope you have a wonderful day