Tuesday, December 08, 2009

a little shopping at Metro

I went to Metro today with a my friend Katya. Metro is like Costco or Sam's. We didn't find the prices there to be cheaper than regular stores in town but there is a wider selection. And they have products imported from America that are not sold at other stores.

I picked up peanut butter, hot chocolate with marshmallows, Franks Hot Sauce and sweet potatoes. Now all I need is a recipe for Hot Wings and I will be a happy camper!


  1. I like the Metro, except you have to buy things in bulk and they always seem to restock the shelves right in the middle of rush hour at the store instead of late at night. Here's a link to some pretty good hot wing recipes, I found some good chili recipes here, so the hot wing recipes should be pretty good to.

  2. Thanks for the link, John. I will give it a try!