Sunday, April 15, 2007

road weary

Tom, Spencer and I are all feeling wiped out. We are tired of being in the car. We want our own beds and our own pillows...How is that for whining!

We had a great time meeting the people at the church in Eugene. We enjoyed lunch in Brownsville with Randy and Roger. We laughed our heads off with Ashley, Nicole, Diane and Ivey in Modesto. We were excited to have dinner in Castaic with Joann and her kids.

Each time we meet with someone new the experience is priceless. The cost of all this is mostly physical. Tom is having a lot of back pain. And my muscles are feeling tight and achy. Last night Tom was in so much pain he wanted me to take him to the doctor. I had taken two Tylenol PM's and was not fit to drive so he had to ask the couple we are staying with to take him. He got a shot and some pain meds. We will start trading off more frequently when we leave for New Mexico on Tuesday.

Please pray for our health and our travel. Pray that we raise the funds needed to make the transition to career. We are grateful that God called us to work in Russia and we are eager to get back to work on language, relationships with Russian nationals and service in the community.

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