Monday, April 02, 2007

today's update

It is time to pack up the suitcases and head out. We go to San Clemente today and will be there until Friday.

We have dinners and lunches scheduled with various people until we leave for Oregon on Friday.

Thursday we have doctor appointments scheduled. We have not seen our family doctor since our move to Russia two years ago. Tom, Spencer and I are all looking forward to seeing her again. No one is having any major problems it is just time for a check up.

How often do you hear about people looking forward to sitting in a doctor's waiting room? I guess we are still adjusting to being here in America!


  1. This made me laugh . . . I DO know what your talking about . . and after not seeing your doctor for two years that has got to be something to look forward to. It sounds like you know her . . that makes all the difference. So, does Russa have some unusual or differet ideas about health care then?

  2. Glad you're getting your things done and enjoying your visiting! I wrote a post tonight honoring some people who make me think and you're one of them. Thank you for putting your thoughts and lives out there for us to read and know more about what God is doing in our world!

    Love you!