Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tom's interview with HTK tv

Wednesday I was interviewed by Russian tv correspondant Marina from HTK. Marina is a 20-something who spent a month in California & Ohio, & is fascinated with all things American. When she heard from a mutual friend that friendly Americans were in Krasnodar teaching topics to help Russians grow emotionally & spiritually, she decided to check us out.

The focus of her interview had to do with stereotypes of people - where the stereotypes come from & do they help or hinder communication & multi-national understanding? Some of the old US stereotypes of Russia are that, ‘all of Russia is covered with snow, there are live bears that walk the streets, the KGB follows you everywhere & every Russian drinks lots of vodka.’ She asked me the stereotypical question, ‘why do all Americans smile so much?’ I replied, ‘many Americans smile because of the freedoms we have in life.’ Unfortunately, I don’t know that I provided her with any controversial or newsworthy quotes, as I love the Russian people & very much enjoy living here. I want to keep it that way!



  1. we just got the air date! Sunday at 8pm... woohoo!