Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Yesterday was the beginning of Maslenitsa. One of my students brought in blini (Russian pancakes)and explained that this holiday is about saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring. Pancakes are to symbolize the sun. Hers were quite tasty. She spread a cream cheese mixture inside and rolled them up. Yum!

After this week the Lenten season fast begins here so that is another reason to enjoy pancakes with butter for a full week!


  1. I just popped by to tell you I love you. I love how you are living in Russia, I love the way you write about your precious boys, I love how you have overcome adversity, I love how you talk about your husband, I just plain love you!

    So there!

  2. Oh Michele, thank you! Your note truly brightened my day!

    I love you too!