Wednesday, March 13, 2013

God opens the flowers...

There is a rhythm and cadence to life that we must learn to fit in with. 

In my season of Embrace there is a sense of being called to accept 'what is'.  "Face life on life's terms" as the recovery saying goes.  There is so much to learn about God's timing.  And so much to learn about when to speak and when to be silent.  When to forge ahead and when to wait and see.  

I have been spending more time in my Al Anon books preparing and being reminded of recovery principles.  We see a great need here in this area for this type of support group.  Beginning with an English speaking group and then adding Spanish and even German.  It would have been ideal to start back when the English speaking AA meeting started. But we didn't have a meeting place available back then.  Recently a space was offered to wasn't my ideal timing...but, obviously it was God's.  

Having a head knowledge that His plans are not always the same as mine is not the same as truly acknowledging that His plans are not always the same as mine.  And it's important that I fit in with His desires.  It's imperative that I follow His lead and not step out of rhythm.  There is not much value in forcing things to happen before their appointed time.  It just causes unnecessary stress and heartache. 

This doesn't mean that I won't set goals or make just means that as I make decisions I want to be more sensitive to His leading and pay less attention to my own neediness.  My praying needs to come before my planning. And listening instead of doing all the talking in prayer will help me get a better grasp of His timing.  

May I always remember that God opens flowers without forcing the buds...


  1. This is a beautiful blog post. I love your word embrace. It's reminding me to accept my changing life on God's terms! And yes, prayer comes before planning.